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We Economically Empower African Women

Mbeng Adio Mushroom Farm, also known as MAMF was founded in 2007. It was registered as a member of Nkwen Multipurpose Cooperative and Common Initiative Group in Cameroon in 2012.


MAMF's mission was to create economic empowerment and sustainability, by training and investing in local grassroots Cameroonian farmers through agri-business cooperatives. MAMF has trained over 1500 local farmers in the cultivation and production of mushrooms; and is now the largest producer of mushrooms in Cameroon and in Central Africa to date, which continues to grow. MAMF currently has three farms in the villages of Banjah, Nso and Mulion; the North Western region of Cameroon.


MAMF established it's Outreach Initiative in 2015; based on its community and eco-friendly farming model.


We at MAMF Outreach Initiative pride ourselves in investing in local female farmers at grassroots level. We believe in breaking the chain of poverty, through sustainable income, whilst capitalizing on profitability and market share.


MAMF Outreach Initiative values the contribution of women in local African communities and collaborates with women farmers, including local women’s groups and ethnic groups such as the Nomadic Fulani Women, to improve their annual yield by training in mushroom cultivation and by providing market outlet's for their produce through the Outreach Initiative. 


Our involvement with the local farmers helps ensure that their produce is placed in the Local, Regional and Global food chain supply.

Our Initiative

Mushroom Cultivation Training

Creating Sustainable Businesses

Undergraduate and Youth Management Scheme

Raising The Next Generation Of Young Leaders

Introduction of Mycology

Elementary School Program

Women Entrepreneurs in Cameroon Cultivate Mushrooms and Their Destinies

May 30, 2017

Poverty Alleviation Through Economic Empowerment in Africa

May 7, 2017

Encouraging Women’s Empowerment at Grassroots Level

April 17, 2017

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