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Our Work In Action

A picture is worth a thousand words. Our photos and videos are real-life testaments to the immense impact our activities have on individuals and organizations. Take a look at the many ways MAMF Outreach Initiative is helping out grassroots women in Africa. Feel free to browse our galleries.

The joy of realising the first fruits of the Mbeng-Adio mushroom  farm
Rejoicing with the first harvest
Fr. Ateh rejoices with a dream come true
Mushroom in the demonstration farm
Farm plot
Women clearing the farm plot
women leveling the plot for the construction of the farm house
Experts on counter construction
Fr. Ateh supervising the construction of the house
Carpenters constructing the farm house
skeletal structure of the farm house
Carrying planks for counter construction
Women taking lessons on how the mushroom farm can be  constructed
Field worker with the women
Women in the demonstration farm
Receiving more lectures
Counters constructed in the farm
Process of sterilization
Sterilization procedure
Practical demonstrations
Preparation of the substrate for planting the mushroom
Women taking down notes during demonstration exercise
Close examination on the material to be used
Bag preparations
Preparation for planting
Training session
Demonstration at the seminar
Feedback from participant
Attentive listening at Seminar
Participants taking down notes at the workshop.
Ordinary meeting of the women's empowerment group
Seminar with the Social Welfare Commission Coordinator of Mankon  Parish
Seminar in full session
Training seminar on mushroom production
Women on a visit to the mushroom cultivation training centre
Training centre
Zumutang Muslem Women dumbu
sensitization of NASARA Vegetable Farming Group SABGA
Training session
Mbororo community meeting
Lab Unity Memebr Meeting Group BEM Donga Mantung
another group in BEM
Unity Progress meeting group of BEM Donga Mantung
successful individual farmer at Mendankwe
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