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Mbeng Adio Mushroom Farm (MAMF) Global Limited is a Mushroom Cultivation Company Registered in the United States of America, Finland, Cameroon, Ghana and Nigeria. MAMF is focused on training farmers in mushroom cultivation, and off taking their produce. MAMF is making major impact in mushroom cultivation in Africa since 2007 to date. Since its creation in 2007, MAMF has positively impacted on the lives of youth and women.

The outreach branch aimed at investing in local women farmers at grassroots across Africa by developing infrastructure, trade centers and eco-systems at commercial scale for sustainable mushroom production and also provide market outlet for their produce through the Outreach Initiative

Prior to the 2014 MAMF was producing 6000kg of Mushroom per week. However due to the unrest in the areas in which MAMF was in Cameroon production fell steadily. 
Since 2017 to date, MAMF has not cultivated mushrooms in Cameroon. This impasse in Cameroon led to diversification of other African countries. MAMF ramped partnership outreach to other African countries in 2016 during the AGOA in Kenya where MAMF had a stand to showcase her products. MAMF established partnership with Ghanaian and Gambian farmers who subsequently registered MAMF in both countries

In 2018, MAMF was invited to Kaduna State, Nigeria for a presentation on the benefits of eating, use, and cultivating Mushroom by local communities. MAMF also made a presentation to AA University Akungba, Akoko, Ondo State that culminated in an MOU with Ondo State University

In 2021, MAMF was invited back to Nigeria. MAMF is currently working with cooperatives to train farmers in mushroom cultivation. In 2022 MAMF has trained 150 farmers in Edo State, and 138 farmers in Abuja for the Grassroots Farmers Cooperatives Agricultural Multipurpose Society (GFCAMS). In partnership with LIFEPLUS, a mega farmers NGO in Nigeria with presence in 7 African countries MAMF has trained 700 farmers and is looking forward to train 9,300 more. MAMF is currently in talks with both state and provide organizations to train more farmers


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