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Mbeng Adio Mushroom Farms
plans to scale its current production capabilities through
the following infrastructure investments:


1) Construction of a cold house facility

2) Implementation of a solar-power energy system to facilitate proper air quality and temperature.

3) Development of a water reuse system.


These investments are expected to dramatically increase the production of mushroom spawn, annual mushroom yields, and annual production cycles. Investment in solar power will not only provide the opportunity to cultivate mushrooms year-round, it also provides the company the ability to reduce energy costs, mitigate against volatility of energy prices and supply, and promote environmental sustainability. The increased capacity will produce 1,000,000kg of mushrooms per year for sale in Cameroon, Nigeria, Gabon, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, and various European markets.






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One-Time Donation

Support Us

We are working with Do it Now Now, the Africa and diaspora focused crowdfunding platform, to raise funds that will contribute to the empowerment of Cameroonian Women.


To date, Mbeng Adio Mushroom Farm (MAMF) has been successful in training more than 1,500 women in the agricultural techniques associated with mushroom cultivation in Cameroon. Now, we are taking things a step further by helping these trained women create sustainable businesses that will help them achieve a better quality of life through financial provision. 


Our goal is to support the development of small

agri-businesses that sustain the lifestyles of each of the women in our programme. 


If you feel moved by the causes MAMF Outreach Initiative promotes, we would very much appreciate your support.


Set up your donation to MAMF Outreach Initiative today. It’s easy and most importantly, it will make a major difference in the lives of so many who are in need of help. Contact us today to learn more or click below to donate now.

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