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Africa’s Youthful Majority & How Population Growth Can Be Utilized for Employment & Innovati

Africa has the distinction of being a continent that has a high percentage of younger people. Over sixty-five percent of the population is under the age of thirty-five. It’s possible that this population can be utilized for employment and innovation. In this total, at least half are female, and any business initiative would do well to consider women empowerment.

Africa is the second most populous continent in the world, with over one billion inhabitants. The demographic shift to younger people has been happening over the past decade. Currently, a greater portion of the population is under aged 35. In another 35 years, there were be one billion more people born in Africa, as it will double in size. This means that there will be another shift to more people in the under-18 category.

Not surprisingly, Africa has also been experiencing great economic growth over the past decade. But it’s important to help the countries of Africa to keep up the pace, without the population resorting to conflict, suffering from disease, or lack of education.

Some countries in Africa thrive, while others need assistance. According to the African Economic Outlook site, from 2001 to 2010, six out of ten of the world’s top economic performers were located in sub-Saharan Africa. This is good news for those who are open in aiding both economic empowerment, and women empowerment.

Initiatives such as MAMF—The Mbeng Adio Mushroom Farm—help to assist female farmers with training, in order to become self-sufficient. They learn the farming trade at the grassroots level, and learn how to support themselves and their families. There are plenty more opportunities available to the people of Africa.

The youthful majority in Africa are going to be the central focus for filling job vacancies. These may also be people who have the desire for their own innovations, and be the ones who start their own businesses. The hiring and training of women can provide the skills they need to be self-sufficient, and they may be inspired to open their own innovative businesses too.

The increase in population will also mean the need for more services, products, and food, with many business women choosing to assist in one of these ways.

To succeed, people must have education and training. This begins with the education of children, and further education in on-the-job training, such as MAMF provides to its female farmers. There may be more people and not enough jobs, but this means that there may be many more opportunities for innovation in the marketplace. Many smart people will create their own work and take advantage of the need for new business innovation.

New business innovation may take into account this emerging under-aged 35 population, and utilize it for employment. Mushroom farming may be one idea that is both affordable, and can be grown and cultivated year round, but it will be exciting to see other new opportunities develop throughout 2016.

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